We invite submissions on diverse topics related to digital libraries and related field including (but not limited to):

Information Technologies for Digital Libraries

  • Information retrieval and access
  • Data mining and extraction
  • IoT and digital libraries
  • AI for digital libraries
  • Semantic Web, linked data and metadata technologies
  • Ontologies and knowledge organization systems
  • Applications and quality assurance of digital libraries
  • Research data and open access
  • Visualization, user interface and user experience
  • Social networking and collaborative interfaces in digital libraries
  • Personal information management and personal digital libraries
  • Performance evaluation

Social Informatics and Socio-technological Issues in Digital Libraries

  • Data analytics for social networks
  • Socio-technical aspects of digital libraries
  • Memory organizations in the digital space
  • Sustainability of digital libraries.
  • Digital libraries for learning, collaboration and organization in the networked environment
  • Societal and cultural issues in knowledge, information and data
  • Intellectual freedom, censorship, misinformation
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Policy, legal, and ethical concerns for digital libraries

Cultural Information and Digital Humanities in Digital Libraries

  • Community Informatics
  • Collaborations among archives, libraries, museums
  • Collection development and discovery
  • Digital cultural memory initiatives
  • Digital preservation and digital curation
  • Digital library/ digital archive infrastructures
  • Digital library education and digital literacy
  • Higher education uses of digital collections
  • Research data infrastructures, management and use
  • Information policies
  • Participatory cultural heritage